Take A Nostalgic Trip With ePSXe APK Emulator For PlayStation Games

If you are fond of playing arcade games on Android devices, then you have come to the right place. This is because ePSXe for Android has been created just for the purpose of providing you a way to emulate arcade apps on Android.

It also offers clients a way to use PlayStation game consoles, namely PSX and PSOne, on Android devices. This was created after the impressive feat of ePSXe for PC, as engineers were able to give clients a way of using the app on their Android mobile devices.

Features of ePSXe for Android Devices


  • Free download
  • Best APK game emulator for games on PlayStation
  • Excellent compatibility, sound, and speed
  • Perfect for Android mobile phones and tablets
  • Ability to change the setting of ePSXe APK to acquire more enhanced HD graphics
  • Supported Android versions include Gingerbread 2.3.3 to Oreo 8.0.


Most Recent Updates


  • More stable performance
  • Proper implication of on-screen buttons
  • Compatible with external gamepads
  • Supports all open GL enhanced graphics for peopsxgl plugin
  • Use cheat codes for ePSXe games
  • Save game data to avoid starting all over from the beginning
  • Native support from ARM and Intel X86

The good thing about the ePSXe is that you can use external gamepads to be able to enhance the gaming experience. Moreover, you can get a proper portable setup for games. You will be able to connect your device via Bluetooth or USB with gamepads such as Sixaxis, Ipega, WiiMote, Xbox 360 and more. At the same time, you can enjoy using analog sticks if you prefer.

Among the games available on the PlayStation that you can play on ePSXe emulator is Tekken 3, which is the most popular for teens and grownups alike. You can just imagine reliving the experience you had when you were younger only with ePSXe.

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