The Best Youtube Downloader Apps For Your New Android Phone

Best Youtube Downloader: TubeMate, VidMate and Others (2018)

They are free, intuitive, and versatile. TubeMate, VidMate and others can easily vie for the best Youtube downloader of 2018.

With over one billion users heading to Youtube and probably millions visiting the site daily, it is the hottest platform for anything viral and trending. Name it, TV shows, commercials, movies, life hacks, spoofs, and even someone’s day-to-day life are on Youtube.

One common problem that YouTube users share is the lack of download option for videos. True, some videos can be downloaded for offline viewing but they are only available for a limited time. Other videos are locked for any offline viewing.

To resolve this YouTube concern, scores of downloaders allow users to download and save videos to their computers, smartphones and tablets for offline watching anytime, anywhere they want.

Best YouTube Downloader for 2018

With 2018 just entering the third quarter, here are the top video YouTube downloaders so far, their good and not-so-good points.


One can easily guess that its name takes after the Tube on YouTube. TubeMate boasts of fast technology so users can download videos without a hitch and free of charge.

TubeMate allows users to save videos in various formats such as MP3 so they can be listened to as songs or audio files.

Users can also opt for the highest quality of the videos as their device requires. Note that the quality of the download ultimately depends on the quality of the original video uploaded on YouTube.

Its not-so-good points? Some users report crashes while downloading videos. The download itself can be slow or nothing happens at all, in some cases. You also have to download a media converter, another software, to work alongside TubeMate.


This free downloader has been receiving a lot of positive press and its easy-to-use interface and high-download speed have something to do with it.

VidMate also wins users’ hearts with the option to download large file sizes – something that can only be done with torrents for quite some time. With this, users can download movies and other file types, MP3 included.

You can do a lot of things even while downloading a video such as pausing or restarting it. With a click, you can save a copy of your favorite videos with size not being a problem. The downloaded file only consumes a minimum of hard drive memory.

What are its cons? Because it relies on high-speed environment plus large file size, VidMate is unlikely to work when the internet is slow. The chances of your file being misplaced are higher if you pause or do something with the video while the download is ongoing.

Other Video Downloaders 

Android users tend to be lucky because aside from the two above, SnapTube, Videoder, and OGYouTube are additional options.

Windows and iOS users still have a chance though because, through an emulator or an emulated environment, they can still use those apps in the same way that Android users have enjoyed them. This way, all netizens across all operating systems can download their YT videos straight to their devices.

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