WhatsApp 2.18.269 APK out NOW – Downloading and Installing WhatsApp

When there’s the release of your favorite app, do not feel left behind because not all devices can obtain over-the-air updates at all times. Moreover, older Android devices do not longer support many apps.

This is because without even going to the Google Play Store, a new version of WhatsApp can be downloaded. From the official WhatsApp website whatsapp.com, you can download the latest version of WhatsApp APK. There, you can choose a version for Mac or Windows PC, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android.

You’ll be redirected to Google Play Store when you choose the WhatsApp for Android download link. But, most of the times, it can offer a better update which might not be completely functional on your phone.

If you’d love to get the full updated version of WhatsApp for Android, you can choose to follow the link whatsapp.com/android/. Here, you are going to be directed to the suitable website for your Android device. The updated vision is version 2.18.269 and it is the main link you can rely on.

To install WhatsApp, you are required to have Android OS 2.3.3 as the least or a newer version on your mobile phone. Having an unlimited internet connection is recommended but you can get by with even 1GB of data. Be aware of the fact that tablet devices do not support this app yet.

You can go to cdn.whatsapp.net/android/2.18.269/WhatsApp.apk and download WhatsApp APK. So, you can download APK file with your computer provided that you’ll transfer it back to your smartphone.

Also, whenever you change your number, the latest app update allows the notification of your contacts. You can have access to this by going to settings, Account, and then to Change Number. This permits you to transfer the information of your account, chats, group, and setting. Nevertheless, this is going to work only if you use the same mobile device, where your groups on WhatsApp will automatically be notified.

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