Is there news of an upcoming Lucky Patcher update?

Lucky Patcher update

The latest version of Lucky Patcher was released fairly recently. That particular version bears the string “7.3.8” and so far, there hasn’t been news of any upcoming updates.

Spacing between updates

It’s not unusual for an app or any other software to have very little space in between updates. Sometimes, they are necessary like in the case of a critical fix that will leave users vulnerable if not addressed.

One such application that had to release an emergency update was CCleaner. The particular issue was a security incident involving version 5.33.6162 where it was illegally modified before being released to the public. Users were then advised to update their software version to 5.34 or even higher.

Current version of Lucky Patcher

The latest version of Lucky Patcher – as of this writing – is 7.3.8. Any updated version of an app usually contains improvements and bug fixes. Improvements may include user interface enhancements or changes to the overall look of the app. Bug fixes are for errors that were not noticeable during basic tests before the app was released.

For this particular release, the fixes and updates mentioned include:

  • a fix for a filter for Android 6+
  • an update for translations
  • a fix for bugs

Installing different versions of Lucky Patcher

One of the best things about installing an app via an APK is that you can choose which particular version to install. Suppose there’s an app that you really like but for some reason the developers changed the entire layout for the latest release. Since you really enjoy the app but can’t stand using the new version, you can revert back to the older one through the use of an APK.

The same applies with Lucky Patcher. This is why it’s important to check the changelog of any app to see what changes were applied so you can decide whether you like them or not. That said, there are cases when you really should update to the latest version, and that includes a security update.

There are many benefits to installing Lucky Patcher on your device and it’s always advisable to get the latest version.

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