Lucky Patcher + Google Play Store (Modded): A Delightful Combination


Google Play Store is the marketplace for Android smartphones. Some apps in said marketplace are supported by ads, which can be annoying especially if you’re really enjoying a game and don’t want to be frequently reminded of other offerings app makers might have.

If you don’t want to be pestered with this kind of “intrusion” into your mobile experience, you will be delighted to know that Lucky Patcher can help solve that particular annoyance, as well as other “issues” you might have with original app versions.

Why you would want a modded Google Play Store

Not everyone wants a modded Google Play Store. After all, there is a perfectly functional one that comes pre-installed with any Android smartphone. Why should there be a need to modify it? The answer highly depends on what you actually want to get out of your Play Store.

For example, a modded Play Store will not perform updates automatically. Data is expensive and sometimes, it’s all anyone has without reliable WiFi where they are currently located.

Since downloading an app consumes more data than just browsing the internet, many on budget data plans would prefer if the Play Store would just stop automatically updating. Well, those prayers are answered with a modified version of the Google Play Store.

Another reason for wanting the non-original Play Store is the chance to get a refund for a paid app and still be able to keep that app. Certain apps can be expensive and sometimes, you just want your money back. Well, you can use Lucky Patcher to recover what you lost and still be able to use the app you initially paid for.

There are many other reasons for wanting a modded Google Play Store but it all boils down to this: certain things you don’t like about the marketplace are “fixed” so they won’t trouble you anymore.

Some reminders in installing modded apps

You will need Lucky Patcher to get a modded version of the Google Play Store. Lucky Patcher is available as an APK, which basically functions like an installer if you’re familiar with a Windows system.

Although you can get the Lucky Patcher APK through a simple search, you must keep in mind that your phone needs to be rooted in order for it to work. Getting your phone rooted is beyond the scope of this article but it’s not hard to find information on how you can get it done or where you can get it done.

Be sure of modded apps before downloading

Another thing to keep in mind with modded apps is to make sure it’s really what you want. While following a step-by-step process to installing both Lucky Patcher and the modded Play Store may sound easy, there’s a good chance you will run into some trouble if you don’t get things right.

This is why there should always be a reason to want a modded version, and not just leave it up to a particular want or just because you think it’s a cool thing to do. Above all else, make sure you have everything backed up just in case something goes wrong.

Lucky Patcher helps you “patch” certain features of your favorite apps so you can enjoy them free of certain limitations. If you do, always make sure you get the newest release so you have all the updated improvements and fixes.

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