Which Google Play Store Alternatives Are More Popular: Aptoide Vs Uptodown?

Aptoide Vs Uptodown

You might have heard about the competition among Android apps that has created a buzz all over the Internet. In fact, these apps have been dubbed the most common alternatives to Android app repository giant Google Play Store.

They are called Aptoide and Uptodown. But what can you really get with these so-called Play Store alternatives that made them more popular these days.


Among the most sophisticated sources of Android apps is the one named Aptoide. Basically, it works with a network of store providers then unifies them under its own platform. What makes it more popular for most users is its speed in comparison to the Play Store.

Moreover, some apps provided in the Play Store that would cost money are just offered for free in Aptoide. However, this has also created confusion to some meticulous users. This is because most third-party stores come with more and more pirated apps.

In this case, users are being warned to use Aptoide only with caution. Thus, they can easily spot suspicious or pirated software. In most surveys though, this app has been considered more popular than Uptodown.


One reliable alternative for the Google Play Store is Uptodown. Aside from the 2.5 million malware-tested apps that you can download and install on your Android devices, you can’t find any paid content. Therefore, you are guaranteed that everything you see is free because there is no payment system available.

This also means that there are no in-app purchases that require you to pay. Moreover, it uses anti-malware engines to check the 2.5 million APKs automatically. This justifies the issue of app quality, particularly when you are doubtful of what you are going to get.

In comparison to Aptoide, Uptodown can be really neat. In fact, based on a number of searches, no counterfeits or any pirated software can be found. Nevertheless, you can see them often in Play Store alternatives such as Amazon or Aptoide.

If you would want to use an alternative to the Play Store, then Uptodown is your go-to app for free Android software. The only reason this app lags behind APKUpdater or Aptoide in terms of popularity is that some of the apps Uptodown offer tend to be available, but with older versions.

Final Thoughts

Of course, these apps are not perfect, since they are just alternatives to the official Android repository.  With Aptoide, for instance, you can encounter apps that are not completely safe to download. Likewise, there are illegal apps, which tend to be just cracked versions of the paid apps. Moreover, they are reported to be the slowest at downloading apps among the alternatives.

On the other hand, Uptodown also has some imperfections of its own. Such would include difficulty in finding apps. This is because of the lack of search categories or filters when finding the right app. Another thing is that you can’t download any paid apps for free when you are going to use the Uptodown software for your Android devices.

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