3 Good Reasons to Switch to Google Chrome – If You Haven’t Yet

When you purchase a machine running on Windows, it comes with Windows Edge. On the other hand, a Mac comes bundled with Safari. The most popular operating systems have default web browsers pre-installed but these programs are overshadowed by Google Chrome. Why is that so?

A number of users have switched to using Chrome exclusively as their web browser while others use it as an alternative. What does Chrome offer that make it tantalizing enough to warrant a switch?

It is fast and secure

Browser speed tests will show you that Chrome outperforms other popular browsers. Apart from that, Google continues to ensure that their web browser is fast. When version 45 was released in September 2015, it featured updates that loaded pages faster resulting in extended battery life. Another update shortly after that was aimed at stopping videos from playing in background tabs.

Security is another area where Chrome trumps the competition. One of the browser’s most recent updates includes completely disabling Flash, which has been a source of woes for quite some time.

It has Extensions and Apps which enhance the experience

You can go to the Chrome Store to install different kinds of Extensions and Apps to make your browsing experience so much better. Extensions improve Chrome functionality and features minimal to no interface at all. Apps, on the other hand, run within the browser and have an interface of their own.

It allows bookmarks to be synced across devices

Bookmarks are an important tool as they allow you to access pages you’ve saved for a particular purpose. Let’s say you’re writing a paper on Jane Austen. You can save everything you’ve researched about the author under a folder bearing her name. You can also add sub-folders to further categorize links pertaining to a particular topic: her work, her love life, etc.

With bookmark syncing, you can access the bookmarks you saved while using your desktop on another device. This makes things easier as you no longer have to search for the information again.

Google has created a wonderful browser in Chrome and there are so many more things you can do for an enhanced experience.

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  1. Safari and Edge do all of the things you listed and Chrome is the worst browser for battery life….. 😐

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