A WhatsApp Install Guide on Windows Phone

WhatsApp has done wonders in the realm of communications. With the service, it’s now easier to get in touch with friends and family spread across the world without incurring such huge phone bills. Only needing a stable internet connection to work, WhatsApp allows users to send text messages, make video calls and send files to each other. And Windows Phone users are in luck because this wonderful communication platform is available to install on their devices.

Installing WhatsApp on a Windows Phone

Windows has provided users different ways to install apps on a Windows Phone. The kind of installation procedure you choose depends on your preference. That said, here are the ways to get WhatsApp on your Windows Phone:

  • Windows Phone Store

There are two ways to access the Windows Phone Store, one is through the Store button on the phone itself and the other is through Apps+Games on a desktop computer. Downloading and installing WhatsApp through the phone itself is arguably the easiest option, just as long as you have an internet connection.

  • Web Browser

You can also use the browser on your phone or desktop to download and install WhatsApp. When you’re at the Store, simply perform a search for the app then click on Install.

  • SD Card

Keep in mind that there are some devices without SD card slots so you’re forced to use either the Windows Phone Store or install through a browser.

To install WhatsApp using an SD card, you need to download the app to your PC from the Store. Scroll down to the part that says Download and install manually to download an XAP file which you will transfer to your phone’s SD card. Restart your phone then open Store. You will see a list of apps that were saved on the SD card. Choose Install to add WhatsApp to your phone.

WhatsApp is used by millions of users worldwide and it keeps adding features that enhances the experience, including a Snapchat Stories-like capability.

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