Make Viber Better With These Tweaks

Today we will talk about Viber, a very popular mobile messaging application used by millions of people all over the world, and how you can make it better on your mobile handset.

  • Hiding Your Status

Not many are aware of this feature, but Viber allows users to hide their status if they don’t want their friends to know when they are online. This feature is great if you are having many stalkers in your friend list that will want to chat with you as soon as they see you online.

In order to hide your status, you will just need to head to your Viber’s Settings->Privacy and disable “Send Seen Status”.

  • Turning Off Light Screen

Viber comes with many awesome features, but there are also a few annoying ones. One of the annoying features that the Viber application comes with is the default notifications settings. In other words, when you receive a message (even if your screen is locked), you will notice a giant Viber message lighting up your screen.

This means that your battery will end faster if you receive many messages on Viber application while your device is locked. To turn it off, head to Settings->Notifications and disable “Light Screen”.

  • Smart Notifications

There are many people who are sending part messages such as:

  • Hello
  • I’m going to the store
  • Do you want something from there
  • ?.

Well, don’t worry because the “Smart Notification” will make sure that you will get just a notification when you a few messages from a single person. All you will need to do is head to the chat window where this annoying person is writing this type of messages, swipe left and turn on “Smart Notifications”.

  • Conversation Gallery

All images that you receive on Viber are saved in your Gallery, but that folder is most likely full of old pictures. If you are trying to find an old picture that a friend have sent to you in private or in a group, just open the specific chat, swipe to the left and select “Media”.

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