Mozilla Firefox Testing New Features and Improvements

It seems that the developers from Mozilla are currently testing some new features for their Firefox application, which are called SnoozeTabs, Containers and Pulse. We have to mention that the three features are part of the “Test Pilot”, which is a program developed by Mozilla that allows users to test experimental features by installing a special add-on.

Thanks to the “Test Pilot” add-on, you will be able to select which of the seven features you can test. Besides the SnoozeTabs, Containers and Pulse features, the test program comes also with Activity Stream, Tab Center, Page Shot and Min Vid.

We have to mention that most of the mentioned features have been launched back in 2016, but they have not been added to the core features that the browser comes with.

Snooze Tabs

Snooze Tabs is one of the new features that have been released this year. This add-on allows you to “snooze” a specific tab for a period of time. Once you do this, that tab will disappear and reappear once the snoozing period has expired.


“Containers” feature has been previously known as Container Tabs. We have to mention that this feature was added for a short period of time to Firefox Nightly in version 50, but now it is available as a “Test Pilot” experiment. “Containers” is allowing you to launch tabs in separate “containers”, each of them having its own database for storing cookies, indexedDB, localStorage data and browsing cache.

At the same time, the data shared among the containers includes browsing history, bookmarks, saved searches, form data, permissions and more.


Another experimental feature is named Pulse, but this tool will most likely not be included in Firefox. The Pulse tool is allowing you to rate how websites load and behave in Firefox and the data is sent to the Firefox developers.

Pulse is more like a feature that should be added only in Firefox Nightly or Developer editions, rather than the stable Firefox version.

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