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It is okay to say that the popularity of Aptoide has grown with time with a minimum of 20 million users to have downloaded it. To Google Play Store, this remains a substitute, if not it is amongst the best. You’ll see the reason as we’ll take you across the latest version of Aptoide for April 2018 and others.

Aptoide: A Marketplace of Your Apps

From developers around the world, Google Play is the universe of apps for Android users. Here, you’ll see many apps all at once from ones you need to those you don’t. This creates an overwhelming experience. It is the complete apps volume and maybe the Play Store user interface that makes it cluttered to look at.

With Aptoide, this is where the difference lies. With a streamlined and cleaner approach, Aptoide serves as a marketplace for your apps. With it, you are able to upload, manage, and download your apps.

It’s similar to handling your personal app store where you equally get to discover new apps based on what important users and people you now are saying.

The best thing is that it is totally free of charge.

Aptiode Latest Version Download for April 2018

There are two simple ways to download Aptoide latest version download. Go to the official site of the app and click on download.

TIP: Allow your mobile device to install apps from unknown sources for an efficient and a faster downloading process. Because the app is not from Play store, this step is important.

You can open it immediately the installation is complete, and then choose to connect it with your Facebook or Google account.

Apps based on editor’s choice, highlighted, trending, and top apps, can be installed or added to your homepage. Also, you can just look for them in the search bar. It is interesting to know that on Aptoide, apps might be downloaded for free.

There’s equally a timeline that will show you what your friends have installed and downloaded. To access this feature, you are required to log in with your Google or Facebook account.

The “Stores” is another feature they have that curate their personal apps. You are able to browse via the apps found in the stores and also by following a specific app store or not.

Do you see the tab for updates? It’s going to gather the current updated apps on your mobile device.

When downloading apps, security and privacy are and has to be the top consideration for any user.

With regards to Aptoides, they let the private download of the mainstream of every Android app or not. To download any app via Aptoide, you do not need to sign in, but access the features that need you to do so. Also, you can privately keep your following activity.

Aptoide Latest Updates in April 2018

In the past weeks, new versions were rolled out by their developers with the outdated versions still available for download.

The aim of Aptoide is to make apps discovery more cooperative and they’ll probably follow it within the upcoming days and weeks. For now, one of the best replacements for Google Play remains Aptoide. Stay tuned and alert for more information here!

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