Aptoide APK Download Latest Version Available In August 2018

Aptoide download

If you haven’t heard about Aptoide yet, then you have missed a lot of good stuff. This is because it has become a popular alternative repository of Android apps and games aside from the official Google Play Store.

No Need To Register

Moreover, you won’t have to register to this app if you want to use it. You can freely download the app from a reliable source and be able to take advantage of more than 30,000 apps. At the same time, you can update all of the apps on its interface without any cost.

Revert Back To Previous Versions Of An App

What’s more exciting with this app is that it would allow you to revert back to the previous versions of the apps they would like to use. Basically, it is an app that enables you to hold other stores. In fact, users like you can make a store for themselves using filtered categories.

Ease Of Use

When you think that you have problems accessing a particular app, then you can just roll back to its previous versions using the Rollback feature. At the same time, it will be a lot simpler and easier to download and manage the apps.

You also have the same speed for downloading apps as you would on the Google Play Store. This can be a great way to download apps from the Play Store even when you have an outdated device that wouldn’t support the official Android repository.

Most Recent Version

The most recent downloadable version is, which was made available in August 2018. Aptoide is available through social experience, since it is community-driven. It provides users to have a chance of creating and managing their own store, follow community recommendations, upload their own apps, and discover new content.


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