Video Streaming Facts: Is Downloading ShowBox APK Illegal

ShowBox APK illegal

Binge-watching continues to be a favorite pastime among people on the internet for years now. Because of that, we see countless options for video streaming, from apps, websites, paid video streaming services and the likes. Therefore, you’ll never be short of ways to stream your favorite movies and TV shows.

When it comes to these video streaming apps, there’s one particular app that seems to be one of the favorites among users: ShowBox. Through the years, this app remains to be a popular free streaming choice among many. However, free video streaming is also a recurring topic of discussions in online forums and the like.

Which brings us to wonder about the credibility of these sites, apps, and other resources. Loyal ShowBox users even ask the same question: Is Downloading ShowBox APK illegal? Let’s discuss.

About ShowBox

ShowBox is a free media streaming application available for PC, Xbox, Apple, Apple TV, Android, and other supported platforms. It’s an easy video streaming resource that does not require a subscription. Therefore, it comes as an ideal video streaming option for many.

For Android users, they would need to find the ShowBox APK to download and install in their mobile devices. Also, it comes with a lot of features that gives an enhanced user experience.

  1. It has a library of selections from all genres and languages available.
  2. It brings high-quality video streaming experience for all.
  3. It allows users to download the video for offline use.
  4. There’s no streaming or download limit. Therefore, you can watch and save all the videos you want.

Despite these great features, one question still remains to be asked: is downloading ShowBox APK illegal?

Legal or Illegal?

When it comes to weighing whether or not streaming through ShowBox is legal, people come up with varied opinions about the matter.

For some, it’s alright to download the app and use their services for video or media streaming. However, sources mostly think that getting the app may be a little risky especially is user safety and security is a cause of your concern.

According to some sources, ShowBox is not a licensed application. That’s why you could not find it in the Google Play Store. Since the app lets users stream pirated content, it can only be downloaded through a third-party website.

Also, the app does not have an official website where users can freely converse with its developers. So, when things go wrong, you most likely will not get a proper support from the app’s creators.

The Bottom Line

So, should you download the app? It all depends on you. At the risk of copyright infringement, viruses, and others, it’s probably best to look for a more licensed option.

However, if that does not concern you or if you’re willing to risk it, then you can choose to use the app. In the end, you’re on your own. Just remember to weigh your possibilities when getting the app for yourself.

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