Here’s Why Google Play Store Hacked APK Exists

One of the best features of an Android system over an iOS is the permission given to users to download and install other applications. Put simply, if you are in possession of a smartphone running on Android, you can choose to get your apps from other sources other than the default Google Play Store.

The installer comes in the form of an APK and it contains modified elements that make an app better suited to your needs.

So yes, even though there is a default Google Play Store installed when you purchase a new phone, you can always choose to use one that has been modified. Or, if you have the capability, suit it to your particular needs. This is the reason a modded or “hacked” Google Play Store exists: so you can modify apps to suit your liking.

What is a hacked Google Play Store APK?

On first glance you will notice nothing different between a hacked and genuine Play Store. In other words, they look alike with the difference lying in what each are able to do. The default Play Store on your device is your go-to marketplace for apps, books, music, and movies. The hacked version offers the same but with additional perks.

A modified version of the Play Store gives you the option to change DPI, enable in-app payment, and disable self-update, among others. Also, your phone needs to be rooted in order to use a modded Play Store version.

When do you install a hacked Google Play Store?

The answer to this question depends on your particular needs. Keep in mind that you are provided with a default Google Play Store app when you purchase and Android smartphone. That is where you go to when you want to add apps to your device, find a book to read, and purchase albums or movies to watch during long travels.

While the original Play Store is installed by default on your phone, you will have to work a bit hard to get the modded version. For starters, you will need to download Lucky Patcher, which isn’t available in the Play Store so you will have to get the APK. It doesn’t end there since you will have to go through several more steps before you can install the modded Play Store.

In short, this is the option for you only if you really want it. Otherwise, a Play Store is already installed on your phone for your convenience.

Why should you install a hacked Google Play Store?

 You can disable auto updates when you install a modded Play Store. So if you are worried about your data being consumed for updates, this could be a reason for switching. A modded Play Store also offers convenience in terms of getting a license for a paid app – you can get it from other online stores.

There are particular reasons why you should want a hacked Google Play Store, but if you are intent on sticking to the original, make sure you have the new version.

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