Get Lucky Patcher APK To Maximize The Potential Of Android Devices

Lucky Patcher APK

If you haven’t used Lucky Patcher on your Android mobile device yet, then you probably haven’t been able to tap its full potential. This is because the app is capable of bypassing license verification from paid apps.

Moreover, it allows you to block all types of ads from free apps, as it lets you take the backup of all the downloaded apps on your device. Users can also uninstall or remove any preinstalled app, which you can hardly do it without Lucky Patcher.

Downloading Lucky Patcher On Your Device

Enable Unknown Sources from your Android device before the installation process. Simply visit the Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources and tap the box to enable this feature.

  • Download Lucky Patcher APK from a trusted source.
  • An on-screen instruction will be made available to guide you through the installation process.
  • The Lucky Patcher icon will be shown on the home screen shortly.

You will be able to use the app after the installation process.

For some people using advanced Android OS, such as the Oreo, the feature to enable Unknown Sources has been missing. In fact, Google has removed this feature after the Oreo operating system was updated.

However, this is not a major issue because Google just modified the name into Install Unknown Apps permission, which developers should enable for any app. When users turn on the permission, users will have to agree to the warning that shows every time an app is to be installed. Just go to Settings -> Biometrics and Security -> and tap Install unknown apps.

Start the installation process

Another thing that users can enjoy is that they can check which apps are given permission in which they can also revoke at any time. You can also go to Settings -> Apps and Notifications -> Special Access the bottom. Then, you should proceed to Install other apps, which you can find at the bottom. The apps installed on your mobile device will then show the apps that you would want to block or allow.

You also have to tap the switch next tab so that you will enable the Trust App option from this particular source. Next, you have to go back to your app, tap the APK file and install the app. So, from the File Manager app, you can go to the Downloads section and tap the APK file so that you can start the installation process.

Unknown Sources For Newer Android Versions

If you are still running Android OS version 7.0 or lower, then you can still follow the old process that involves Unknown Sources. However, due to the fact that this has become a potential breeding ground for malware, the newer Android version has resolved this issue.

The old method of enabling the installation of apps downloaded outside of the Play Store might still be safe. Nevertheless, this could give opportunity for other apps that weren’t scanned by the malware detection system of Google Play Store.

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