Installing Lucky Patcher on ANY Android Phone (Download Links Here)

It’s every Android lover’s dream to be able to take full control of different Android games and apps installed on their phones. Most specifically, Android users and gamers would really love it if they could get rid of ads that pop up in the middle of their game or be able to purchase in-app upgrades that comes with a cost. Luckily, the Lucky Patcher app lets users experience just that.

Well, you might have heard about Lucky Patcher, but you may not know how to use it. According to popular opinion, it requires rooting of your Android device. Luckily, you don’t have to do that as with this tutorial, we will go ahead without rooting your precious device.

First of all, you have to download the installer from a trusted website to get the most recent full version APK of Lucky Patcher or you can just download Lucky Patcher 7.3.8 APK file here. You may receive a warning from your browser that it is an unsafe site to visit. But, you can just click on the “Details” and then click “Visit This Unsafe Site” to proceed. The download of this APK file will follow shortly.

You may have to extract or unzip the APK you have just downloaded. If you encounter a zip file format, you may have to use ES file explorer or the X-plore file manager for that matter. You will then be able to find the APK version of Lucky Patcher after the extraction of the file.

Upon the installation, you have to open the APK file, as it prompts you to install and informs you that the app would get access to some of your settings. Well, you have to determine if you are really willing to give it away for the app to run.

The installation will be blocked, but you simply have to click “Install Anyway” option and tap OK to proceed with the installation process. Take note that Lucky Patcher is not malware, so you have to do what it takes to get the app up and running.

You may have to disable the “Play Protect” option in order to bypass the harmful app warning from the Google Play Store. On the other hand, you may have to tap “Keep Anyway (unsafe)” to do it, but it can also pose a threat to your device. You can leave comments if you encounter problems when installing the original full version of Lucky Patcher.

Why Lucky Patcher?

There are a number of reasons why Android users continue to support this great Android-hacking tool. With already over 500 million downloads since its birth, it’s already hard to deny that this application is definitely worth a shot. Getting free access to features that are usually restricted or enforces in thousands of Android applications, this app could be the answer to your problems.

Among the features that the Lucky Patcher app provides are the following:

  • Change app permissions
  • Block those pesky apps
  • Enjoy in-app purchases at no cost

Moreover, there are no costs needed to download this application. The only requirement it needs is that your device should at least be running on Android 2.3 or above. It does not only work on Android devices but it can also be downloaded to your PC if you have Bluestacks or other Android emulators installed.

Enjoy the Latest with Lucky Patcher

Like any other application, regular updates are given in order to improve the overall user experience. In Lucky Patcher, their latest update was rolled out last August 16, 2018 with the latest Lucky Patcher 7.3.8 version.

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